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September 23rd, 2011

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September 3rd, 2011

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Sheila Marie is having a few problems with her plumbing, but her pocketbook is empty. So when the plumber presents his bill, she has no choice but to present her huge melons and beg him to take it out in trade. With those fucking big tits in his face, there’s no chance he’s going refuse the offer, and in no time flat Mr. Fix-it has his salami sandwiched between those round, firm mounds of hers. Watch Sheila Marie lick his cock as he fucks her sensational tits, and you’ll soon be blowing the blockage from your own pipe, guaranteed!

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August 14th, 2011

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Minka is known as “the bountiful beautiful Asian”, and there’s no denying she’s well endowed! Here she’s on vacation and showing off the new bikini she purchased from the hotel gift shop. Of course, there isn’t a bikini in the world large enough to cover those big fucking tits. But that’s okay with Minka. She’s not at all shy about flaunting her 54KKKs. In fact, she’s not at all shy about anything. Minka loves to have her picture taken, and she especially likes fucking her friends—male and female—in front of the camera. Grab a gander at this exotic Asian’s bouncing boulders as she poses, showers, fucks and even plays tennis naked! It’s large!

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July 25th, 2011

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If you’re a real big tit lover, this is a club you’re going to want to join. Club Miosotis is the home of the biggest tits you’ve ever clapped eyes on! And I can tell you, this chick’s got BIG fucking tits! Miosotis is a tiny but top-heavy little thing, with 100% all natural breasts that measure in at an amazing 52KKK! It’s too much for a mouthful, but you’ll sure as hell get an eyeful when this ebony hottie demonstrates what she can do with those bazzoms. She likes to squeeze them around a big hard cockuntil she gets a sticky cum coating. But that’s not all! You haven’t seen anything until you see Miosotis lick a load of jizz off those gigantic jugs!

Tiffany Towers Topless at the Beach

July 5th, 2011

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Tiffany Towers, busty superstar, certainly is larger than life…or at these those big fucking tits of her are! She must have to get her swimwear specially made for her size 70FFF bustline. But even then those big balugas can’t be easiy contained, and it’s not long before Tiffany just lets them hang out in the sunshine. While her nipples are getting stimulated by the rough, warm sand, she’s got her ass in the air and giving herself a good finger fucking! Her massive beach balls keep her well elevated, and they work well for balance as she pleasures herself on her tits and knees, with both hands free for other peasures!. You’ve simply got to see her grinding those huge tits into the sand as she brings herself to orgasm!

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April 16th, 2011

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Stacey Adams is one sexy little peice of ebony ass with a gorgeous face and big, brown eyes that beg you to cum closer. But best of all, Stacey’s got one hell of a set of fucking big tits on her! She’s about to wrap those great melons of hers around a hard cockand tit-tug it until it spews. This lucky guy’s going to get to blow his sticky white load all over those creamy chocolate milkers. Who wouldn’t want to watch this white on black action, especially when it’s all in crystal clear HD? Checkout every tiny detail of Stacey getting tit fucked and treat your cock to an explosive cumshot scene that’s sure to rock your scrotum! It certainly rocked mine!

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March 7th, 2011

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Hanna Hilton is a lot prettier and way sexier than that other Hilton you hear so much about. Of course, much of Hanna’s charm comes from her willingness to share such a large part of herself with her fans. By ‘large part’ I’m referring, of course, to her big fucking tits, which she so proudly displays for all the world to wank to. I’ve been up close and personal with this blonde bombshell and her amazing mole hills, and I can tell you that she puts on one hell of a stimulating show! Her pics just don’t do her justice, so if you want to see Hanna from all the best angles and watch those maracas rock to the beat, my advice is to catch one of her explicit cam shows. You can’t beat a one-on-one—or should I say a one-on-two?— with those pumped-up puppies!